What Is Powder Coating And How Can I Use It?

Powder coating produces an extremely tough, high gloss finish on a multitude of products. As a cost effective treatment it is also non-toxic and energy efficient.

Powder Coating Treatment

The effect is achieved through placing components, bars or even finished articles in a tank where a pre-treatment of either a chemical solution is applied or they are blasted on the surfaces with an abrasive such as sand, metal or glass. The items are then manually sprayed with the powder coating in the presence of an electrical charge. An electro-magnetic field is created which causes the powder to stick to the items. A short heat treatment of around twenty minutes follows at a high temperature of between 160 and 200 degrees Celcius ensures that the powder flows evenly creating a hard, glossy finish with superb long lasting qualities.

Versatile And Creative

Experienced powder coating companies can offer an extensive range of more than two hundred colours including those that conform to BS4800 and RAI. They can even create individual bespoke colours to suit a manufacturer’s ideas to ensure that a particular brand or product is unique and easily identifiable. A range of finishes can be provided including an anti-bacterial coating, epoxy, polyester and epoxy powder coatings to provide an extensive choice for the customer.

Uses Of Powder Coatings

There is a limitless scope for using powder coatings. It is effective for all types of household goods such as toasters, kettles, storage containers and vacuums which can be produced with a range of colours and effects such as layering different colours together. Anti-bacterial finishes are ideal for medical equipment. Many large manufacturers in the automotive and construction industries use powder coatings for different components that contribute to a larger design. Applications of powder coating are widespread through every major industry producing goods that include sports equipment, garden tools and hair dryers.


The powder coating method can create hard wearing surfaces with a high gloss finish that will provide years of excellent wear. Applied without the use of toxic solvents, it is ecologically friendly and uses less energy than alternative methods. Unlike the more expensive anodising finishing, it can provide extremely good results on surfaces that are less than perfect to begin with, hiding defects with generous layers of coatings. As an inexpensive treatment that produces high quality, durable finishes, contact Edmo for their expertise on powder coatings.