What Do Mining Consulting Companies Do?

Mining consulting companies in South Africa provide local and international mines with professional advisory services that help them plan and implement successful project strategies and turnaround solutions. A list of mining consulting companies in South Africa is available to provide mines with access to all mining consulting companies offering technical advise and mining studies services. Within their specialist services, these companies offer a wide range of focal points that all culminate into running a successful mining project.

Mine Planning Compliance Measurement

From the very beginning stages of planning a mine, compliance needs to be strictly upheld in order to correctly stick to all industry regulations. Mining consulting companies in South Africa have specialists in the numerous compliance regulations that are legally required for mines in the country available to offer guidance. Without expert assistance, some mines will be unable to identify and correctly submit all necessary documents and licences required to plan a mine.

Turnaround Mining Solutions

In order to improve service and production, evaluations done by expert mining consultant companies serve to add great value by introducing turnaround mining strategies and solutions. This includes short-term strategy planning, budget planning, operational reviews and improvements, as well as production management systems and optimisation, among other value-added solution offerings.

Mine Project Management Services

Project managers from a list of dynamic mining consultant companies in South Africa can work as direct representatives of the client and the client’s interests, they can therefore report directly to executive level or support the internal project manager with professional advisory services. Mining advisors aim to protect and manage the risk of the project on behalf of the owner by providing expert consultancy services and solutions.