Studying in the US, what should you do if you are sick?

Many students know that medical expenses in the United States (also known as美国医疗保险) are very expensive, so it is very necessary to have medical insurance in the United States if you study in the US. You don’t want to be sick, but what if you are? Which international students insurance (also known as留学生保险) is more suitable? Let’s see.

  • The problem of cold and fever can be solved by yourselves

If you get sick during your study in the United States, it is not a big problem that I can solve by yourself. It takes a lot of time and energy to see a doctor in the United States, and they don’t think cold is a disease. It will vary according to the individual resistance, but generally it will heal naturally in about seven days. If you go to the doctor for a cold, the doctor will just tell you to drink more water and get some rest. Therefore, you can prepare some commonly used medicine, saving time, money and effort. Of course, some problems may seem minor at China, but not abroad, such as dental problems, in the United States to visit the dentist (also known as美国看牙医)may be more than you think.

  • Use the medical resources inside and outside the school reasonably

The United States is famous for its expensive medical treatment. Basically, international students have to buy medical insurance according to the requirements of the university, and they can use the basic medical services of the school clinic for free after paying the medical insurance premium. Some school clinics require students to pay for part of the medical program, but it is generally much cheaper than a regular clinic off campus.

Health Services provides students with outpatient, emergency, laboratory tests, Health counseling, psychological counseling, vaccination and other basic medical Services. Common diseases and injuries can be dealt with here. The school also provides a variety of free health education and psychological counseling services.

Of course, you can also buy commercial insurance suitable for international students. Many immigration lawyers (also known as移民律师) will recommend insurance for international students in the United States (also known as美国留学生保险推荐), such as Huhu insurance (also known as虎虎保险), which is very cost-effective and popular among Chinese international students.