Aluminium Extrusions And Downstream Manufacturing

Downstream manufacturing is the integration of a complete set of processes into one convenient package. It includes everything from overseeing the initial design or prototype, manufacturing the tooling for a die to create an aluminium extrusion through to finishing, assembly and packing. With a localised service, outsourcing of different parts of the process is no longer necessary.

Speed And Efficiency

When using downstream manufacturing, the process of creating, manufacturing and assembling products becomes streamlined, resulting in increased productivity and reduced costs. A company that specialises in the downstream manufacturing of aluminium extrusions can offer a client a complete service, from the creation of an initial prototype and setting up the tooling for a die cast mould. Manufacturing the extrusion with softened aluminium forced through the die is the next part of the process, followed by cooling then heating in a curing oven for at least twenty minutes. Finishing the aluminium extrusion into the required sizes is then followed by assembling and packaging the product. Time and money has been saved through all the processes occurring in one place.

Flexibility And Control

Localised downstream manufacturing provides clients with much greater control over the production of their order. If last minute changes to a product are required at any stage, they can be implemented without delay. Liaising between the different departments that are involved within a downstream manufacturing outlet is far simpler than contacting the individual companies that might be responsible for various processes. In that situation, an order might be forwarded then returned causing delays, wasted time, lost production and increased costs.

Aluminium Extrusions

The process of extruded aluminium is already a cost effective method of quickly producing components that have the strength of steel. The effect is achieved by a chemical exchange between aluminium and oxygen that results in the mill finish aluminium being transformed into a stronger aluminium that has guaranteed anti-corrosive properties. Aluminium extrusions are now used for frequently than ever in the construction, aviation and automotive industries and in the manufacture of heating systems, air conditioning and electronics.

Cost Effective

By combining all the different manufacturing stages into one streamlined, local service with the cost effective use of aluminium extrusions, the length of time it usually takes to get a product from design to finished article is considerably reduced, resulting in higher productivity levels and profits. Edmo have the expertise to offer reliable downstream manufacturing services.