4 Alternative seating arrangements for wiggle worms in a classroom

Being a teacher, you can never choose the classroom that you wish to teach in but you can always decide on the way you wish to arrange it so the your students have a fun learning experience. When you have alternate seating arrangements for your young kids, this has a positive and deep impact on the way students learn things. How about bringing in the idea of flexible seating inside your classroom?

Whenever we think of a classroom, the image that conjures up in our minds is chairs and tables made of wood and kept in small gaps from each other. Doesn’t this seem to be boring these days? If you wish to know more on kids chairs and how they can be made fun and loving inside a classroom, check out the below mentioned options.

#1: Floor time seats

Did you ever realize that it can get creative when you get down on the floor for completing some group work? As long as the sessions are productive or creative, it is always better to get down on the floor. All your muscles remain at a calming position and hence it helps your brain to function properly and give you all the creative ideas. You can therefore keep beanbag chairs or floor spots or pillows which can be used for the young students to sit.

#2: Moving and wiggling seats

How about grabbing a wiggle cushion or a ball chair or an exercise ball and sit on them? This will let the students to sit on a surface which is not stable enough and harsh for their back. If you think you need a cushion to lean forward, this will create a learning position and can give you an altogether different feel. You may also use ball chair that’s filled with air to create an even better experience. Wiggle cushions also let the kids to move while learning without having to disrupt the class that’s going on.

#3: Bike and learn

If you want to initiate a ‘pedal to read’ program in your classroom, you can use exercise bikes. Kids usually love the idea of biking and reading. You can actually get pedlars or exercise bikes which sit on the floor right across their feet. These can be great options for biking and learning.

#4: Stand and learn

There are few kids who just don’t love the idea of sitting at a same place. You can try a standing desk, a podium or a table which can be kept the back of the class and the standers can all stand at the back and listen to what’s going on in the classroom. You may even put a balance board under the place where they stand so that they can involve their brains along with balancing their body.

Therefore, if you’re a teacher who is reading this post, try to include the above listed alternative seating arrangements in your classroom so that you can turn the monotonous classroom into a fun learning experience.